Passive Voice

In the sentence, there are two kinds of sentence; they are active and passive. In this case, the sentence need subject and object.
In the active voice, the subject of the sentence performs the action:
      the exam.

In the passive voice, the object of the action becomes the subject of the sentence, and
the actor appears in a prepositional phrase, or is absent from the sentence:
 The exam
       was aced
(by me).

When You Use that???
► Use the active voice when the actor’s identity is important.

            Active:             The butler did it.
            Passive:          It was done by the butler.

The first sentence is stronger; it sounds like an accusation. The second sentence is weaker; it sounds like the butler did nothing more sinister than a load of laundry.

► Use the active voice when you want to be direct and emphatic.

Active:     Management expects the staff to follow the rules.
Passive:  It is expected by Management that the rules will be followed by
                 the staff.

            In this instance, the active voice delivers the message more effectively.
► Use the passive voice when you do not need to tell the reader who is acting.
            Active:    Ned will prosecute trespassers.
            Passive: Trespassers will be prosecuted.

In this case, it is not necessary to say who will be doing the prosecuting. Fear of being prosecuted, not fear of being prosecuted by Ned, will prevent most people from trespassing.

► Use the ‘objective’ passive for writing in disciplines such as the sciences.
Active:      Dr. Cranium considered the drug to be a medical breakthrough,
but after he tested the drug further, he found that it had serious side effects.
Passive:  The drug was considered to be a medical breakthrough, but
     after further testing, it was found to have serious side effects

What is Important things??
Here is the step to make Passive Voice easyly!!

Vive Verse
Ketika kamu ingin buat kalimat passive, semuanya pasti dibalik. Object jadi subject dan subject menjadi objec. Di langkah ini kamu harus bisa memisahkan mana subject mana object
Tobe selalu dipakai saat mengubah kalimat aktif menjadi pasif,

Tobe : is, am, are, was and were
Tobe as Verb 1 : be ( use after modal)
Tobe as Verb Ing : being
Tobe as Verb 3 : Been ( use after have)

Note : tobe menyesuaikan tenses kalimat
Dalam kalimat passive, verb harus diubah menjadi verb 3
Gunakan by untuk menguatkan siapa pelakunya

Example :
Stephanie study english

1.       (vive verse) à English…………………………………………………………. Stephanie
2.       (to be) karena ini merupakan present tense maka tobe : is . à English is……… Stephanie
3.       (verb)àstudy= V1 Studied= V3       English is Studied……….Stephanie
4.       (By) à English is studied by Stephanie

Simple PresentActive:Ritawritesa letter.
Passive:A letteris writtenby Rita.
Simple PastActive:Ritawrotea letter.
Passive:A letterwas writtenby Rita.
Present PerfectActive:Ritahas writtena letter.
Passive:A letterhas been writtenby Rita.
Future IActive:Ritawill writea letter.
Passive:A letterwill be writtenby Rita.
HilfsverbenActive:Ritacan writea letter.
Passive:A lettercan be writtenby Rita.

Examples of Passive Level 4

Present ProgressiveActive:Ritais writinga letter.
Passive:A letteris being writtenby Rita.
Past ProgressiveActive:Ritawas writinga letter.
Passive:A letterwas being writtenby Rita.
Past PerfectActive:Ritahad writtena letter.
Passive:A letterhad been writtenby Rita.
Future IIActive:Ritawill have writtena letter.
Passive:A letterwill have been writtenby Rita.
Conditional IActive:Ritawould writea letter.
Passive:A letterwould be writtenby Rita.
Conditional IIActive:Ritawould have writtena letter.
Passive:A letterwould have been writtenby Rita.

Passive Sentences with Two Objects Level 3

Rewriting an active sentence with two objects in passive voice means that one of the two objects becomes the subject, the other one remains an object. Which object to transform into a subject depends on what you want to put the focus on.
 SubjectVerbObject 1Object 2
Active:Ritawrotea letterto me.
Passive:A letterwas writtento meby Rita.
Passive:Iwas writtena letterby Rita.

   Active and Passive Voice Exercises
Exercise 1: Active to Passive Voice
Directions- Change the sentences below to the passive voice and underline the passive
EXAMPLE: Children cannot open these bottles easily. (The bottles cannot be opened by the
children easily)
1. The government built a road right outside her front door.
2. Mr. Ross broke the antique vase as he walked through the store.
3. When she arrived, the changes amazed her.
4. The construction workers are making street repairs all month long.
5. The party will celebrate his retirement.
6. His professors were discussing his oral exam right in front of him.
7. My son ate all the homemade cookies.
8. Corrosion had damaged the hull of the ship.
9. Some children were visiting the old homestead while I was there.
Exercise 2: Passive to Active
Directions- Change the sentences below to the active voice and underline the active
EXAMPLE: The statue is being visited by hundreds of tourists every year. (Hundreds of tourists
visit the statue each year)
1. My books were stolen by someone yesterday.
2. These books had been left in the classroom by a careless student.
3. Coffee is raised in many parts of Hawaii by plantation workers.
4. The house had been broken into by someone while the owners were on vacation.
5. A woman was being carried downstairs by a very strong firefighter.
6. The streets around the fire had been blocked off by the police.
7. Have you seen the new movie that was directed by Ron Howard?
8. My car is in the garage being fixed by a dubious mechanic.
9. A great deal of our oil will have been exported to other countries by our government.

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